Term & Conditions

Term and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the services of www.maryammohebbi.com

These Terms and Conditions are legally binding between you and us and govern your use of the counseling

 You agree, represent and confirm that the following are true and will be true each time that you use   counseling ,each time you enter The www.maryammohebbi.com website.

 In accepting these Terms and Conditions, The www.maryammohebbi.com has not made, and you are not relying upon, any statements, representations, promises, or undertakings, whatsoever that are not contained herein

 You will not use the www.maryammohebbi.com services for any purpose which is unlawful, abusive, libellous, obscene or threatening

 You are over the age of 18. The www.maryammohebbi.com counseling is unfortunately not available to minors.

 You are responsible for ensuring that all information that is provided to the www.maryammohebbi.com web site in your inquiry for advice or is complete and accurate including details of any ongoing medical condition and any advice, comment or information may be dependent upon that and that The www.maryammohebbi.com web site can accordingly take no liability for any advice, comment or information that it gives to you.

 The www.maryammohebbi.com web site will store all advice correspondence will on its computers until the  counseling program has been completed. On completion all information will be held on disc or other storage device in a secure place for a further 6 years after which all data will be erased permanently.

 The www.maryammohebbi.com web site rights and obligations as under these Terms and Conditions may be assigned without your prior consent


No personal information will be communicated, directly or indirectly, to a third party without your informed and written consent. Exceptions to this policy include the legal, and/or ethical obligations to:

  • Inform a potential victim of violence of a client’s intention to harm.
  • Inform an appropriate family member, health care professional or police if necessary of a client’s intention to end his or her life.
  • Release a client’s file if there is a court order to do so.
  • Inform Child and Family Services if there is suspicion of a child being at risk or in need of protection due to neglect, or physical, sexual or emotional abuse.
  • Report a regulated health professional who has sexually abused a client to the professional’s regulatory body

 In the event that you are unable to attend an The www.maryammohebbi.com real-time service session (i.e. chat, telephone or face-to-face) as may be offered by The www.maryammohebbi.com web site from time to time, you will only be entitled to a refund of the fee if written (including by text or e-mail) has been received by www.maryammohebbi.com up to 72 hours before any such appointment

Counseling Termination

 Maryam Mohebbi  reserve the right to terminate the provision of counseling at any time if ongoing session is considered inappropriate for any reason

 The content provided and or sourced by The www.maryammohebbi.com website , and provided to you or others on this site, via SMS, via e-mail or any other medium, including, but not limited to that which is quotes, data and other information, is sourced from third parties for your personal information only, and is not intended for any other purpose. Content provided and or sourced by The www.maryammohebbi.com web site is not appropriate for the purposes of making any decisions with regard to your sexual health or your relationship. Any decisions taken by you whether or not based on any information, advice or comment made by www.maryammohebbi.com web site is entirely yours. Online advice and counseling is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice nor is it an alternative to face-to-face counseling. The appropriateness and effectiveness of advice is based on open and honest communication between client and counselor. Working online in a purely text based environment means neither individual can hear verbal tone or read facial expressions and body language. Consequently misunderstandings are more likely and it is essential that both client and counselor commit to clear communication and a high level of clarification and the client can make no reliance on any advice, comment or information provided by The www.maryammohebbi.com web site. Nor is it not possible for The www.maryammohebbi.com to guarantee security and confidentiality of information when working via e-mail, though every effort will be made to do so.

 Whilst The www.maryammohebbi.com web site will endeavor to ensure the accuracy or timeliness of any information supplied, The www.maryammohebbi.com web site makes no guarantees in relation to these factors and you should manage your use of The www.maryammohebbi.com web site service(s) accordingly


 The www.maryammohebbi.com web site may from time to time decline to provide any or all of its services, either on a permanent basis, or in a single instance or instances in such cases as it sees fit without warning or explanation. This will apply to, but will not be limited to, those requests that we believe to be inappropriate, outside the scope of our services, defamatory, illegal, offensive or in any way anti-social

Payment of Fees

Paying for counseling is often a very sensitive topic, and we can discuss your concerns about payment as needed. However, it requires that all fee(s) are established and agreed to before we can begin. This section clarifies all fees, and defines your financial responsibilities.

1.       The standard fee is 110.00 per hour session, payable each session and beginning at your first appointment.

2.      Canceling or rescheduling appointments requires a (24) hour notice by telephone to avoid having to pay the entire fee for a missed session. (No emails please)

3.      For reasons we can discuss, I do not get involved in determining what constitutes an “emergency” in your life and normally, payment for last minute cancellations is required.

4.      Telephone conversations between us, for any reason, in excess of (15) minutes per day may be cost proportional to your hourly fee.

5.      Authorized telephone consultation(s) with anyone concerning your counseling will be billed to you at $80.00/ hr. This service is generally not covered by insurance.

                           Your initials here agreeing to the ‘Payment of Fees’: __________



1.       Normally, everything we discuss will be held confidential. Unless you provide a signed authorization, I will not speak to or correspond with anyone about you.

2.      If you choose to break confidentiality in any way (i.e., sending me an e-mail, applying for insurance reimbursement, telling anyone about your counseling, use an analog cell-phone) I cannot control, or be held liable for the outcome.

3.       Some ‘exceptions to confidentiality’ include situations in which there is reasonable suspicion that any of the following has ever occurred or is occurring now:

         You or your child present a danger to self or others

         A child or dependent adult is the victim of emotional, sexual or physical abuse, neglect or unjustified mental suffering

         A dependent adult or any person over the age of 65 years is the victim of physical abuse, emotional abuse, abandonment, forced isolation, fiduciary abuse, or neglect

Note that the preceding is a sample, and not a complete list of exceptions to confidentiality.

Your initials here agreeing to ‘Confidentiality Limits & Exceptions’: __________


1.       If at any time during the course of your counseling I determine I cannot continue, I will terminate counseling and explain why this is necessary. Ideally, counseling ends when we agree your goals have been achieved. Additional conditions of termination include:

         You have the right to stop counseling at any time. If you make this choice, referrals to other therapists can be provided and you will be asked to attend a final ‘termination’ session.

  • Professional ethics mandate that counseling continues only if it is reasonably clear you are receiving benefit. If you are meeting with another therapist, you must first terminate counseling with that therapist before I can begin providing services. If you remain in counseling with someone else and this becomes apparent after we begin, I am ethically required to terminate your counseling.
  • Other legal or ethical circumstances may arise and compel me to terminate counseling. In these cases appropriate referral(s) will be offered. Also, I do not diagnose, treat, or advise on problems outside the recognized boundaries of my competencies.
  • Other situations that warrant termination include: regularly becoming enraged or threatening during session; bringing a weapon onto the premises; persistent drug abuse; arriving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; disclosing illegal intentions or actions.

Your initials here agreeing with ‘Counseling Termination’ conditions: _______




Please do not use cell-phones, laptops or other electronic devices in the waiting area.


                  Your signature below will verify that you have read (or that I have read to you) the information in this authorization and that you asked questions about anything you have not understood up to this point. By signing, you freely acknowledge your willingness to undergo counseling, as I deem appropriate and in accordance with this ‘Informed Consent.’

                  You also agree to enter into a professional business arrangement according to all business practices outlined in this agreement. You accept total financially responsibility for payment of all fees and services as described, regardless of insurance coverage or any other ‘third-party’ payers.

                   You will also be releasing me of any liability that directly or indirectly results from disclosure or exchange of any information covered in this agreement.